November 10, 2019

It was a gloomy day in Zagreb today, but the sun was coming every now and then. It’s been a few days since my last walk in Maksimir and I must admit that I kind of missed it. Finally, this afternoon, my husband and me went there for a walk. I feel recharged :) I’m not sure which season in Maksimir is the most beautiful, but for me autumn has some kind of a mistique beauty. I noticed that the leaves are even more yellow comparing to my previous visit there, which makes the ambient even nicer. If you ever plan to visit Zagreb, my advice would be to go to Maksimir. It's located at the east part of the city. There is also a very nice Zoo inside, where if you ever visit, you will see different types of animals. Until then I want you to enjoy these photos I took today for you so that you could experience some parts of what I experienced.

June 15, 2019

I was delighted when about 2 years ago in Croatia I met Ivan and heard what he was doing for abandoned children in Kenya. That was when I decided to go there to experience and see with my own eyes everything he was talking about and do what I can to help. Now my wish came true and I'm so happy because of that!

A little more than a week ago, my daughter and I arrived at "Mission in Action" Children's Home near Nakuru. The moment we got there the children had our hearts. So much love, simplicity, modesty and unity in one place - something I never experienced before so intensely.

I can clearly see what it means to sacrifice oneself for others and that is something this big-hearted man Ivan is doing. He was born in Croatia but grew up in Australia where he spent most of his life. One day he visited Kenya and saw the sadness and cruelty that abandoned Kenyan children were going through. Many parents were dying of AIDS and  leaving the children all by themselves. He decided to give up his "goo...

March 24, 2019

Today was a beautiful day in Zagreb. This morning, my husband and I went to Park Maksimir. On our way back, I took a few flowers from a Magnolia tree.

This Sunday afternoonI wanted to make especially nice with a few details that I used for this little corner. I’ve chosen pink candles that I placed on two golden candlesticks which I bought the last time I was in Switzerland (remember I mentioned in one of my latest post that I was sure I was going to find something nice there? ;)). I placed the Magnolia flowers in a small Rosenthal vase, which was a gift from my dear friends. Pink napkin, white cup with golden pattern and some soft music make this atmosphere whole. Someimes little is needed for happiness. How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?

Lovely, warm and sunny Spring day in Zagreb made me go for a city walk.

It takes only 15 minutes from my apartment to get to the main square. Close to the square there is a market with many beautiful flowers called Dolac. Whenever I go there it feels like my senses are being filled with beauty. Most of the time I buy myself a small bouquet of flowers that always makes everything more beautiful. This time my husband was quicker, so I did not need to buy any ;)

Today I took some photos that I want to share with you. There are many varieties of flowers like tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers, and of course roses are always available, no matter the time of the year.

I hope you will enjoy the photos!

What are your favourite spring flowers?

Many hugs!