February 13, 2020

Friendship is reciprocity, sharing, selfless giving, without measuring what is invested and received.  In order to have friends, we must first be ones.

November 21, 2019

Thanksgiving is coming so I wanted to create a table decor that you could us as an inspiration.

Celebration of this day is broad in The USA, but not so common in Europe.

However, my family and I are planning to mark this day with a nice dinner in a cozy home environment. 

What I most like about Thanksgiving is because it's an ideal chance to give thanks for everything we have in life.

I hope that the decoration I made will give you some ideas how you could set up your table if you're planning to host a dinner.

I noticed that Americans like decorating with pumpkins and other details specific for this time of the year, which adds up to the whole Thanksgiving story.

What I think a good thing to do when decorating for special occasions is to create a good base.

By that I mean: setting up a good tablecloth, plates, flatware and glasses. Then adding up napkins, flowers and candles. Creating a one nice whole, pleasant for the eyes. Colours to use and other decor elements depend on your personal styl...