May 3, 2018

Every time I visit a new town, I love exploring the interesting restaurants it has to offer. Not only because of the delicious food but also because of the appearance of their interior and the buildings they're placed in.

Gerstner, a restaurant and a pastry shop in the centre of Vienna fascinated me with its glamour and warm atmosphere. The moment my daughter Iva and I entered Gerstner we looked at each other and said: “This is it!” Kind staff, wonderful ambient and delicious cakes on the ground floor make every guest want to stay there longer than they planned.

We climbed the beautiful stairs to the first floor which is perfect for having a cup of coffee or tea combined with one of their wonderful cakes.

The next day, the kind manager Martina walked us through the luxurious rooms on the second floor which are opened for special occasions and events. Beautiful piano music, crystal chandeliers, luxurious curtains, wallpapers, paintings, fireplaces and ornaments fascinated us.

We also had th...

January 8, 2018

These winter holidays I spent with my youngest son and husband in Bosnia where I was born and raised. We stayed at my brother Josip and his family’s. We enjoyed talking and just having a nice family time. It was very snowy what made being there even more fun and beautiful.

My brother is five years older than me and I learned many things about life from him. He taught me what modesty and caring for others is like and he is also a good example of success.

Besides his many work responsibilities, with two of his colleagues he opened a ski resort on a mountain Radusa. That really affected positively on the tourism in that area.

This time there wasn’t enough snow to be able to ski, however we enjoyed the winter joys.

We were riding on a snowmobile on the parts of the mountain where elevation is around 2000 meters. The view from there is amazing! Fresh air, peace and quiet had a healing effect on me.

I came to Zagreb feeling better and now I’m continuing to work on my goals.

 I wish you a lot of lo...

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