January 23, 2018

We all perceive beauty in our own way. Some people see it only in the physical appearance of a person and to some people it is much more than that. Many women find magazine models as their role models so they try really hard to make their faces and bodies look like that image that was created by the media. The harder they try the more they see how hard it is, it’s almost impossible to live like that in reality. As the years go by they become unhappier and that frustration becomes visible so it eventually affects their real beauty.

In this topic, I’d like to describe my own perception of beauty. For me, beauty is the reflection of who we are - the realness that lays deep down in us. Living energy that can be visible in the eyes of a person, charm, a sense of humour and love. Those are the features of a beautiful person regardless of his or her facial features. Every person is beautiful if they choose to be beautiful. We need to accept and love ourselves and be aware of our unique beauty,...

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December 21, 2017

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