January 30, 2018

With this post, I want to introduce you to the beautiful city of Split which is the second biggest city in Croatia. Although I never lived there my connection to this lovely coast town started in my childhood. I remember when my parents used to go to Split occasionally because of their work. I was always very excited about it because I was hoping to get a present when they come back. I still have a memory of a beige sweater with some coloured details on it. I felt very special wearing it because in a small town like mine there was no place to buy something similar.

Later on after some other life events, Split and I built a special connection. Because of that I can surely say that I love the town in a special way. I just remembered a song that goes something like “There is some secret connection…”

Split was established in the times of Roman Empire when the emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace. The palace was a foundation for the further growth of the city.

An interesting detail is...

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