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Starting the blog

The Chic & Antique family

Welcome to the Chic & Antique family. Maybe you’re wondering why I’m using the term “family”. Well, some of my Facebook page followers started using that term when they were describing how they felt about the page. I really liked it and that’s why I started using it. I’d love it if you would feel like a part of the family on this blog as well.

So, the Facebook page with its huge platform of supporting followers was the biggest trigger for creating this blog and I am truly happy for having the chance to share that with you. This makes it possible for me to get closer to you and show you everything beautiful in life around us. In these modern times when people are not able to find enough time for each other and when they don’t notice small things that make life beautiful, my wish is to show you that noble side.

A bit about my influences

Ever since my childhood I loved spending my time in sophisticated environment and as I got older, that affection became even stronger. Now I’m 49 and throughout my life experience I learned that love is the initiator of all wonderful things. I learned a lot about lifestyle in general and I have a great urge to share that with you.

I live in a beautiful central European town called Zagreb which is the capital of Croatia. I’ve moved to different places quite a few times. One part of my life I spent in Sweden where I fell in love with Scandinavian design and lifestyle. For sure I can say that Scandinavian style had a big effect on my personal style development which is (I believe) visible in my work. Now I’m working as an interior designer and I truly love it, it’s one of those things when you know your dreams are coming true. Besides that, the thing that is most important to me is quality relationships with my family members, closer friends and other people I interact with.

The goal

I believe that this blog will be a blessing to all those who will be visiting it regularly (or occasionally) and I hope it will help us to learn form each other in any way that would positively effect on the quality of our lifestyle. It’s my great pleasure communicating with hundreds of thousands members of the Chic & Antique family from all around the world.

One of my biggest passions is antique furniture. As a result of that passion I opened an antique furniture store in Zagreb by the name Chic & Antique. So, now you know where the name for the blog comes from.

Never giving up

There’s one interesting detail I have to share with you that thought me to never give up. A few years ago when Chic & Antique reached more then 200 thousand followers, the page got hacked. I was so disappointed and thought I would never gain that number of followers again. I wanted to give up on it completely, but something just couldn’t keep me still. It was my persistence and love I cultivated towards what I was doing. I started all over again and here I am now - the number of followers is getting bigger everyday.

In my biography I mentioned that I’m a wife and a mother of three what I consider my greatest success in life.

Things that thrill me

When it comes to my work, besides the interior designing projects like decorating people’s homes, I write a weekly column in one of Croatia’s leading news papers “Vecernji list”. I’m very glad because that way I can share my decorating tips with the readers. Working with Croatian home decor magazine “Living” is also an exciting thing because every month I stylise four different scenes. For me that’s a great way to improve my decorating skills even more and spending time with nice people is always fun.

For me human relationships are the most important component in life. I love people and the whole world. I don’t look at people through their rase, nationality, religion or any other things that make us different from each other - differences are very often beautiful and for sure welcomed to the Chic & Antique family. Part of my C&A team is my daughter Iva and our friend Anita who will also engage in making this blog even better for you. Thank you with all my heart for your support.

With love, Ankica

Anita on the left, me in the middle, Iva on the right

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