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Christmas decorations in my home

I assume that (like myself) a feeling of excitement takes over you when you decorate your home for Christmas. For these holidays I decided to decorate my home in tones of traditional colours. I have to admit that it’s a bit hard for me to step out of the habit of going for the traditional colours because the love for classical style is kind of in my nature. Golden details in combination with dark red colour and green branches give that feeling of sophistication and elegance.

Recently I bought a golden coloured cutlery and I’m very satisfied with it because it goes well with different styles (not only for Christmas). Simple white plates and golden cutlery are elements that can fit so many different decorating styles.

Here underneath the white plates I put golden plates and simply created christmassy ambient on the table. Beautiful thin wine glasses, wreath with a red candle, classical plaid details and it’s ready!

Oh yes… You probably noticed this lovely tablecloth. I got it in Sweden a few years ago and I completely forgot that I had it. A few days ago I saw it in my closet and it made me so happy. I had to put it over the table, though I was planning to put some red tablecloth.

These few upcoming days I will play a little with combining different elements on my dining table. A lot of candles, star-shaped ornaments, a bit of lights made everything look so christmasy.My son Noel helped me with decorating the Christmas tree. He wanted to put many different decorations on it - there are colours of red, gold and white. For decorating I usually buy pine branches, but this time my husband and me went to the woods to get them. It wasn’t that easy (as I thought) finding an area filled with pine, so we found just small branches but it was enough.​

Now it’s time to truly enjoy the Christmastime. I hope that to you this day is filled with blessings. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


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