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Christmas fair in Zagreb

A few days ago on my Facebook page I shared a few photos of the Zagreb Christmas fair. I received many positive reactions from you so I promised to write a bit about it.

I can proudly say that my town Zagreb was proclaimed to be Europe’s best Christmas fair for three years in a row.

If you want a short getaway from reality come and visit this beautiful Christmassy fairytale where I’m sure a magical feeling will take over you. How wouldn’t that happen when you hear the sound of Christmas bells and songs everywhere you go. The smell of Christmas cookies, warm drinks and other yummy delicacies make it even more comforting. Whenever I catch some free time I walk through the fair and fully enjoy it. I just can’t resist Germknödel, thought I’m on a diet ;) But I don’t regret it, it’s not during the whole year. I have to enjoy a little, right haha…

Though the Ban Jelacic square is the central point, the Christmas fairytale is not only there. Besides the delicious foods and drinks, the fare offers many other different content like cultural events, theatre on the Tomislav square, romantic Strossmayer walkway, advent on the European square, Nativity on Capitol (near to the cathedral) and many other things.

There are many things to be seen here and I’m sure that everyone can find something for himself. For me personally the Advent ambient on Zrinjevac is the most appealing. In some moments when I’m there I lose the feeling of reality and I feel like a little girl in a fairytale. I could say that the feeling is beautiful and can’t be replaced with any other feeling.

The fair will be open until the 7th of January, so you still have time to pack your thing and get here and enjoy this magic!

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