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My thoughts on love

I already said that this blog is a place where we get to see and experience only the beautiful side of life. By saying that I don’t mean just visual beauty, but the beauty that feeds the soul. And what could be more wonderful and sublime than love?

Motivated by communicating with you, my dear friends, and all the positive comments and love I receive from you every day, I decided to write about love.

To be honest, I even feel a bit scared that my words would not be powerful enough to describe that divine emotion, but I will dare to try. There is no universal definition of love and all individuals experience it in their own way, what makes it even more powerful and sacred. Only those who truly experienced real love can understand its real meaning. From my life experience, I can say that love is the foundation of existing, the infinite truth that moves the human beings. Love can break all fences that people build between each other. We live only if we love. Without real love, there is no real life.

Our relationship with our families, friends and other people we interact with are the most valuable things on this planet. Wishing and doing good for others is a divine feeling that fulfils those who love. I believe that you experienced that feeling and that you have come to know that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. If we make others happy in any way, that happiness grows and we receive even more of it in return. And that can be visible in our lives in general. We, as individuals, start to glow and everyone can sense it. The more we give ourselves to others without expectations, the more our lives become filled with joy and then we are able to do divine things.

In love there are no “musts”, if pushiness is present in any way then it’s not real love. One of my favourite Bible texts is Hymn to Love in the 1st Corinthians 13th chapter and I can say that it describes love in its purest form while making it understandable to humans.

Many people are thirsty for love and are seeking it, but at the same time, they’re afraid of it. They are not ready to open their hearts, but a closed heart is not able to give nor receive. Some people are afraid of being hurt. If that feeling is familiar to you, know that it’s you who chooses whether you want to take a risk and live or you will be just existing while being dead inside. I choose life even with the risk of being hurt because I know even if I fall I will rise again and continue loving.

With love,


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