Let me introduce you to the beautiful Adriatic town Split

With this post, I want to introduce you to the beautiful city of Split which is the second biggest city in Croatia. Although I never lived there my connection to this lovely coast town started in my childhood. I remember when my parents used to go to Split occasionally because of their work. I was always very excited about it because I was hoping to get a present when they come back. I still have a memory of a beige sweater with some coloured details on it. I felt very special wearing it because in a small town like mine there was no place to buy something similar.

Later on after some other life events, Split and I built a special connection. Because of that I can surely say that I love the town in a special way. I just remembered a song that goes something like “There is some secret connection…”

Split was established in the times of Roman Empire when the emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace. The palace was a foundation for the further growth of the city.

An interesting detail is that the Diocletian Palace is (just like the whole historical core of Split) one of the UNESCO’s World’s Heritage monuments since 1979. If you visit this beautiful town you will see monuments of the old Roman Empire and Medieval that are not there just to be looked at but certain buildings are actually being used. You will travel through time seeing great Ancient architecture like peristyle, Medieval Romanesque churches and Gothic palaces. You will also see the Renaissance portals of noble houses, Baroque facades, but also modern architecture all together combined in a magnificent whole.

Very soon you will notice that Split’s locals are very open and friendly people. They love their town but are also very warmhearted so they will make you feel like home.