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Poem inspiration - Wait for me

A long time ago, I was a teenager when for the first time I heard the words “Wait for me and I’ll come back, wait with all you’ve got…”

At that time I was a young vulnerable girl who was in love. I was imagining every scene and I admired that great love. A few days ago on the Internet, I run into this beautiful love poem and so I decided to share it with you.

I’m sure that some of you experienced what it’s like to wait for someone so dear to you. Maybe some of you still do… With this poem, I want to tell you to never give up because waiting and loving is worthy.

Konstantin Simonov was a great Russian writer, poet and patriot whose life was such that he was often destined to be on battlefronts. He was hopelessly in love with Valentina Serova who at that time was the most beautiful and the most famous actress, but she was married. Since her husband, who was a general whom she loved very much, passed away, Valentina deeply suffered. After that, she had many love affairs but she never loved anyone like she loved her husband.

But, during the war in 1940, she met Simonov who dreamed about her for years. They started a relationship that was everything the writer ever dreamed of, but trouble was just about to come. Simonov had to go to a warfare and he realised that he was not coming home alive again.

The only thing that kept him alive was the photo and the thought of his lovely Valentina who was waiting for him to come back. Then he decided to write her a poem which would show how much he loved her, even if he wouldn’t be there anymore.

The poem that had to be sent to Valentina after his death, he placed into his pocket while patiently waiting for the day of his death. But, a miracle happened - the military unit where Simonov somehow wasn’t hit by the final shot of the enemy. The writer stayed alive and healthy and came back home to his loved one with a poem in his pocket.

They got married in 1943. The poem about love that overcame death and with a happy end became known in the whole world and was translated into 35 languages.

Wait For Me

Wait for me, and I'll come back!

Wait with all you've got!

Wait, when dreary yellow rains

Tell you, you should not.

Wait when snow is falling fast,

Wait when summer's hot,

Wait when yesterdays are past,

Others are forgot.

Wait, when from that far-off place,

Letters don't arrive.

Wait, when those with whom you wait

Doubt if I'm alive.

Wait for me, and I'll come back!

Wait in patience yet

When they tell you off by heart

That you should forget.

Even when my dearest ones

Say that I am lost,

Even when my friends give up,

Sit and count the cost,

Drink a glass of bitter wine

To the fallen friend -

Wait! And do not drink with them!

Wait until the end!

Wait for me and I'll come back,

Dodging every fate!

"What a bit of luck!" they'll say,

Those that did not wait.

They will never understand

How amidst the strife,

By your waiting for me, dear,

You had saved my life.

How I made it, we shall know,

Only you and I.

You alone knew how to wait -

We alone know why!

I hope you like the photos, they are our friend's (and Chic & Antique team members) Anita and Izak's prewedding photos taken on the Lake of Bled in Slovenia.

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