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Back to the life's routine

After almost a month of spending my time at home because of my wounded leg and the inability to move properly, I realised how hard it is for those who have to stay at home and lay in their beds, some of them even for their whole lives. I needed this experience to learn to appreciate life and to be grateful to God for all those blessings I have that I don’t even think about, that I somehow consider being normal.

It wasn’t that bad for me because I knew that my “prison” will last only for a few weeks. It’s good that for a whole month I had time to think in peace about life and read quality books that motivate me to have a positive attitude toward life, love and success. I also had more time for long phone calls with my friends and family which I also consider one of the advantages of the time I spent home.

Just when I had a big urge to leave my home for a bit, I got an interesting phone call. A TV talk show editor from a local TV called me and two other ladies to be guests at her show about women who are over fifty. I said yes because it was a great chance to talk about my big love - Chic & Antique. I hope that the viewers could also feel the positivity I tried to spread while mentioning my big Chic & Antique family which now has more than 314k followers.

I hope that I initiated in some of the viewers the will to start doing what they have dreamed their whole lives but never got a chance to make it happen and reminded them that the mature years of life are not the reason to give up on life. Being on the show was a beautiful experience. Before and after the show, the three of us guests and the two hosts stayed and chatted for some time.

All three of us guests had their own interesting story about success. Djurdjica is the establisher of a web portal “Crvene Cipele” (Eng. Red Shoes) that gathers successful women in Croatia. The other guest was a blogger Jadranka whose fashion blog Oliva Style is made for women over forty.

The show was aired last Sunday on “Mreza TV” and a few days ago Jadranka, Djurdjica and I went to the town for a cup of coffee. It was a pleasant time and a chance for making some further plans. We already thought of some projects together which I will write about in the next post and I believe it will be interesting to you also.

So… My leg is better. I’m back to my life’s routine and I’m already working hard again. I finished my weekly column and started preparing for the next week’s editorial shooting for the “Living” magazine.

And for the end, I just want to remind you of the secret design I mentioned that I’m preparing for you. I have to admit that I’m extremely excited! ;)

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