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The magical island of Hvar

There are many beautiful places and towns in Croatia that I want to introduce you to. This time I decided to show you the sunniest and very attractive island Hvar. This island belongs to the Middle-Dalmatian island group and it is located near Split which a ferry line connects to the lovely island.

The length of the island is 68 kilometres and its whole surface is 300 square kilometres. The island’s biggest centre is the City of Hvar and after that Jelsa, Stari Grad, Sucuraj and other small places.

Last summer I spent a few days at Hvar with my family and friends and I can say that it was one of the most beautiful vacations ever.

My friend’s parents are the owners of a house in Vrboska, close to Jelsa where we were staying. Almost every day we made small car tours around the island to experience its beauty.

Every town and village on the island has its own charm and beauty. Each one of the stone houses, churches, streets and plazas tell their own stories and showcase the soul of every place we visited. We enjoyed the delicious Mediterranean food in restaurants by the shore and those in the narrow streets.

Tourism is the main activity of the locals and besides that, the residents of Hvar do viticulture, aquaculture and olive production. There, like in many other Mediterranean places, rosemary and lavender fields are very common.

Besides all the natural beauty on the island, I was especially amazed by the blue crystal clear sea. I am quite sure that regarding the whole wonderful Adriatic coast, I’ve never seen such a beautiful colour of the sea as in the are of Hvar. Besides that, there are small coves surrendered by the pine woods which are, because of the gravel, ideal for those with small children. There are also some wild rocky beaches which make this island even more unique.

The City of Hvar fascinated me with its beauty and it seems like the whole city is a monument. Its walls were shaped throughout centuries by the climate conditions and time.

If you decide to visit Hvar, I am sure you would feel comfortable and accepted by the warm and kind locals just like I did.

Because of everything Hvar has to offer, it is ideal for visiting with friends, couples and families.

Right when you visit the City of Hvar, my advice would be to visit the fortress Fortica from which the city cove and Paklinski Islands can be wonderfully seen. I would also advise you to visit the Hvar Cathedral, Croatian National Theatre and Franciscan Monastery.

Not only the monuments are what makes Hvar exceptionally attractive for the tourists from all around the world, there are also many amazing hotels, restaurants that offer high-quality fish dishes with genuine olive oil and fresh vegetable. There are also many different verities of fine wine. You could also take a ride on a boat that will take you to the wonderful Paklinski Islands which are located right at the entrance of the Hvar cove.

If you decide to visit Hvar this summer, maybe we run into each other ;) I was invited to visit this lovely place again and I’m looking forward to enjoying it once again.

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