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The most sophisticated restaurant in Vienna

Every time I visit a new town, I love exploring the interesting restaurants it has to offer. Not only because of the delicious food but also because of the appearance of their interior and the buildings they're placed in.

Gerstner, a restaurant and a pastry shop in the centre of Vienna fascinated me with its glamour and warm atmosphere. The moment my daughter Iva and I entered Gerstner we looked at each other and said: “This is it!” Kind staff, wonderful ambient and delicious cakes on the ground floor make every guest want to stay there longer than they planned.

We climbed the beautiful stairs to the first floor which is perfect for having a cup of coffee or tea combined with one of their wonderful cakes.

The next day, the kind manager Martina walked us through the luxurious rooms on the second floor which are opened for special occasions and events. Beautiful piano music, crystal chandeliers, luxurious curtains, wallpapers, paintings, fireplaces and ornaments fascinated us.

We also had the privilege to hear about the history of this unique place where each window has a wonderful view to the Vienna Opera House. It's interesting that Gerstner serves the Viennese Opera Ball since 1869.

At the end of our visit, we had a delicious lunch at the beautiful dining area which is also on the second floor. It was very elegant and I'm sure that every visitor can feel it.

I would recommend that if you are planning to visit Vienna, surely go to Gerstner. I believe that you will feel like a true Viennese at the time spent there ;)

All the photos besides the noted are by

Source: Gerstner's Facebook page

Source: Gerstner's Facebook page

Source: Gerstner's Facebook page

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