Pula - the vibrant Ancient Roman city

Even though I live in Zagreb and love it so much, whenever I get a chance I go to the coastline to take some quality rest. It’s hard to specify which coastal town in Croatia is the most beautiful one but I have to admit that to me, Pula has a very special place in my heart. Maybe it’s because of my personal reasons - I lived there with my family for four years and I gave birth to my youngest son Noel there.

This summer, I visited Pula again and it’s been one week now since I got here. I have to admit that I’m spending some beautiful and relaxed time - exactly what I needed! On some days I visit Rovinj, which is about 30 minutes drive from Pula. It’s nice to have time just for yourself sometimes. The only thing I’m missing right now is my family to cheer together for Croatia. Today at 5 PM CEST Croatia is playing the final football match against France. This is a historic event for my dear little country and a big success that makes every Croatian proud. What makes me especially happy is when you, my dear Chic & Antique family, write me wonderful messages wishing Croatia great success. I thank you from the bottom my heart for that! In Pula, the live streaming of the match will be in our beautiful Roman amphitheater where citizens and tourist will be able to watch it together. The atmosphere of excitement can be felt through the whole city and also through the whole country.

And now a few facts about Pula...

Pula is the biggest city of the Istrian peninsula which is located on the northern part of the Adriatic coast. It’s the fifth largest city in Croatia and a very interesting tourist destination because of its climate, calm sea and pure nature, just like the rest of that region. Pula is known for its well-preserved ancient monuments of which the Roman Amphitheatre - Arena is the one most known. Last night was the 65th opening of the famous film festival which is being held there for one week every summer. I have to mention two other very important Roman monuments - The Arch of the Sergii and The Temple of Augustus, which was built in the first century.

Arena (Roman Amphithatre)

Pula Film Festival

Arch of the Sergii