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Bring Mediterranean charm to your home

Mediterranean area is very wide and full of different varieties and because of that, Mediterranean style varies depending on its geographical position.

This charming style can be seen from Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, all the way to Morocco. This type of interior decorating is admired by many, no matter where they live. If you are one of those who love the Mediterranean style, you can apply it to your home or garden easily. The most important thing is to know how to balance the interior and exterior. Bits of Advice I want to share with you will help with that.

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Mediterranean style is full of lightness and naturalness. It’s inspired by the sea, sun, Mediterranean herbs and citruses. Therefore, it’s very important that you use only natural materials when you decorate your home in this style.

Provence, the Southern part of France is known for its lavender fields, olive groves and vineyards. Because of that, the most used colours are lavender, pastel tones of pink and yellow and also darker shades of green and blue. If your home is decorated rustically, a decor detail of Provence style will suit perfectly.

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Greek style is known for its intense blue colour. Combined with white, it reminds of the sea and rocks. Walls are generally white; doors, windows and some other elements (for example flowerpots) are blue, so the contrast of those colours makes a great effect. It’s impossible to leave out the oleanders because they perfectly round up the whole Greek story. If you really like this type of style, I would suggest you to decorate your terrace or garden that way so that you can always be inspired by it.

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Northern African areas are dominated by sand and rocks and because of that terracotta is the most common floor covering. Combined with other colours like turquoise, orange, golden, pink etc. makes the know Moroccan style.

When it comes to Spanish style, we could say that it’s a combination of Euro-Mediterranean and Moroccan style.

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In Croatia, the most common Mediterranean way of decorating is using rough native stones as floor and wall coverings, combined with wood, while adding blue and white decorative elements. The most important thing is to watch for children’s safety and after that comes aesthetics. If you decide to go for wooden floor coverings, the best choice would be wide floorboards. You can leave them in their natural colour or you could even paint them white. Besides the wooden furniture, you can add furniture made of wrought iron or knitted furniture made of rattan and cane.

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Decorative fabrics also need to be made of natural materials like cotton and linen. They often come in a combination of blue and white with a touch of red and because of that, this style is often called nautical. The harmony of colours and materials make this style sophisticated and pleasant for the eyes. Decorative elements in nautical colours and natural fibres are very popular lately and you can find them anywhere. Most commonly you can find them in different shapes inspired by the sea and sailboats.

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Original text written in Croatian by Ankica Juricevic, published on, translated by Iva Juricevic.

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