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Meet Rovinj - The Hidden Gem of The Adriatic Coast

This time I want to introduce you to a small but wonderful town that is located on the Western side of the Istrian peninsula. Its name is Rovinj. This town is about thirty minutes drive from Pula and because of that, it’s very easy for me to visit it when I’m in Pula.

A week ago I got back home to Zagreb from Istria and my phone is filled with photos from Rovinj that I want to share with you. I was in Istria just at the time when the whole Fifa World Cup euphoria was happening. I have to mention, once again, how proud I am of my country to win the second place. Because of that Rovinj, like the rest of Croatia, was filled with the red and white checkerboard. This time in Rovinj I was walking through the old town exploring little narrow streets and enjoying them all over again. Even though Rovinj is pretty much familiar to me, I always notice some new details that amaze me, like for example this little clothing store next to the sea where the stone stairs lead to.

Narrow streets tiled with old stones, tight building in different colours, beautiful windows and clothes drying outside hanging from the buildings, bring a specific kind of charm and beauty to this town that almost everyone who visits falls in love with it. Smells of the Mediterranean cousin spread around each corner and makes the people who pass by to try the delicious authentic food. The whole scenery reminds of Italian coastal towns, well it makes sense since Rovinj used to be a part of Italy.

After a long walk on a hot summer day, I went to the beach beneath the walls of the old town. I always have a towel and a bathing suit in my bag so I was ready for my swim in the crystal clear sea.

A long time ago, when my older children were little, my husband and I spent two unforgettable summer vacations in Rovinj with our friends. The older I get, the more I fall in love with this lovely Adriatic place and that’s why I have to share its beauty with you. And I have to tell you that if you ever visit this place, you will surely want to visit it again.

I will tell you a few more interesting facts about Rovinj that might inspire you even more to visit this place and the whole Istrian peninsula.

According to archaeological sites, it is noted that Rovinj was established between the 3rd and 5th century and the area around it was inhabited in the prehistoric period.

Rovinj and Porec are the most visited tourist towns in Istria. There are many different hotels, apartments for rent and private tourist accommodations in Rovinj. There are also many many little galleries, museums and other cultural and scientific institutes.

And of course, I can’t forget to mention The Church of St. Euphemia. Its tall belfry dominates the panoramic view of the whole area. There are many interesting historical facts about this church and Rovinj. If you want me to write more about the history of places I visit, you can note that in comments.

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