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Romantic Table Setting From My Home

Dear friends, a few weeks ago I posted a photo of a table decoration that I just made that week. I mentioned that I will write a blog post about it. I am a bit more late than I planned but here is the post now, I hope you don't mind :)

So, as you probably already know I have a passion for table decorations, like for home decorations in general. This time I used soft pastel colours which, I believe, all of the romantics among you love. And I can say the same thing about myself.

For this setting, I wasn’t using many decorating elements but the effect I wanted to create was there. The plain white tablecloth was of a great use as a base where I added some soft pink and beige plates combining with elegant glasses. I’ve chosen to go for simple golden cutlery and golden candlesticks in different heights. In the candlesticks, I've put some white candles that bring a feeling of warmth and elegance. I also lighted an interesting candle which has a shape of a woman’s face sculpture, and around it, I placed a green wreath that suits perfectly to everything else on the table.

What I like the most about this table is this beautiful white soup vessel with a lid. The reason why I keep it so close to my heart is because it was a gift from my dear mother who is no longer with us.

The lovely tiny roses in the crystal vase made this whole setting more beautiful, they created the effect that I was aiming for. Although I like to use reusable table napkins, this time I decided to go for golden and white coloured paper napkins because they seemed to be just the right ones for this setting.

I hope I inspired you with my simple, but hopefully interesting ideas, and that you might do something similar in your home as well. With a well-served table, every dish seems to taste more deliciously and sharing the dining experience with friends and family makes it even more fun and enjoyable.

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