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Early Christmas Decorations In My Home

Time passes quickly. It seems like it was yesterday when I was decorating my home for the last year’s Christmas, and now it’s already time for new ones.

Although it might seem a bit early for Christmas decorations, I did it because of a feature in a Croatian newspaper.

Every year I make my decorations different. Now I decided to go for darker shades of the balls on Christmas tree while combining them with golden details. By doing so, I wanted to connect all the elements in my home which then made up a well-harmonised whole.

I always love the endless classic style when it comes to clothing, so the affection for that style also applies to interior and decorating.

Candles made the whole ambient look more festive, and I think they can never be too much when it comes to holiday decor.

In the centre of my dining and club table, I put some holly that I found in a local market. I was pretty lucky that it had a lot of berries on it, which makes it look even nicer, almost as it was unreal. To that, I added some more candles, golden candlesticks, a few matte golden balls and that was it! Without going too hard on decoration details, I made an elegant yet simple table setting.

A plaid tablecloth that I recently purchased in IKEA was a very good choice for the whole thing. Also, the golden plate chargers under these plain white plates went well together with the rest of the elements. Cutlery, elegant wine glasses and napkins with a holly twig rounded up the whole impression.

On the white dresser I put a simple garland with golden stars and on top of it, I placed a golden candleholder with two lanterns on sides that created symmetry.

Sometimes a big star-shaped light makes a great ambient in a room and I always like it very much.

On the big mirror, I put a wreath with a plaid bow which goes very well with the tablecloth and little present boxes that I put next to my mini Christmas trees.

It’s one more month until Christmas and it seems like a lot of time for everything to stay the same, so I think I will probably change a few details until then. When I do so, I will post it on Facebook and Instagram.

It will be my pleasure to see how you decorated your homes. Therefore, I’m looking forward to receiving your photos. That way you can inspire everyone else here in our Chic & Antique family and make our bond even stronger.

I’m sending a big hug to all of you. God bless you <3

Text translation: Iva Juricevic

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