Visiting "Mission in Action" Children’s Home shows me the joy in helping others

I was delighted when about 2 years ago in Croatia I met Ivan and heard what he was doing for abandoned children in Kenya. That was when I decided to go there to experience and see with my own eyes everything he was talking about and do what I can to help. Now my wish came true and I'm so happy because of that!

A little more than a week ago, my daughter and I arrived at "Mission in Action" Children's Home near Nakuru. The moment we got there the children had our hearts. So much love, simplicity, modesty and unity in one place - something I never experienced before so intensely.

I can clearly see what it means to sacrifice oneself for others and that is something this big-hearted man Ivan is doing. He was born in Croatia but grew up in Australia where he spent most of his life. One day he visited Kenya and saw the sadness and cruelty that abandoned Kenyan children were going through. Many parents were dying of AIDS and leaving the children all by themselves. He decided to give up his "good life" in Australia. He sold 3 houses he owned, put all the money into building a home for those children and move with his family to Kenya.

His road was not easy and he went through many obstacles while building the children's home.

82 children who are living there now plus 8 children who went outside the home for high school, all call Ivan and his wife Damaris "daddy" and "mommy".

Many of those children's stories befo