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Sophisticated dinner table decor

Thanksgiving is coming so I wanted to create a table decor that you could us as an inspiration.

Celebration of this day is broad in The USA, but not so common in Europe.

However, my family and I are planning to mark this day with a nice dinner in a cozy home environment.

What I most like about Thanksgiving is because it's an ideal chance to give thanks for everything we have in life.

I hope that the decoration I made will give you some ideas how you could set up your table if you're planning to host a dinner.

I noticed that Americans like decorating with pumpkins and other details specific for this time of the year, which adds up to the whole Thanksgiving story.

What I think a good thing to do when decorating for special occasions is to create a good base.

By that I mean: setting up a good tablecloth, plates, flatware and glasses. Then adding up napkins, flowers and candles. Creating a one nice whole, pleasant for the eyes. Colours to use and other decor elements depend on your personal style preferences.

I decided to choose a simple black and white checkered tablecloth and some white plates. The flatware is a bit more special. I think it's always good to have a special flatware in your storage that you save for special occasions. That's how you can make a table decor more sophisticated and add a bit of formality to it.

Although I REALLY LOVE golden decor elements, this time I chose silver to fresh things up a little.

A little uncommon thing I did was not using any flowers. Instead of that I decided to experiment only with ivy with some more berries than commonly. I thought it would look simple and elegant. Do you think I succeeded with my little experiment?

Napkins, candles and wine added enough colour to bring liveliness to the whole setting.

I hope you like what I did and I'm looking forward hearing your comments and thoughts about it.

Here are some products similar to those I used. By you purchasing them, I get a small percentage which helps supporting my work.

Have fun decorating!

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