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Starting the blog

Hello dear reader! I’m happy that I have a chance to share with you this blog through which I wish to connect with you and share beautiful and noble things in life. I want to show you that side of life in these modern times when people can’t find time for each other and don’t notice details that make life beautiful. What motivated me to take this step was my Facebook page Chic & Antique and all the beautiful and encouraging comments I receive from you daily.

Since my childhood I liked being in beautiful surroundings and as I got older that feeling became even stronger. Now I’m 49 and with my experience I learned that love moves everything, also I learned a lot about life in general and I have to share that with you.

Maybe you’re wondering where does the name Chic & Antique come from and how come I started the Facebook page. Antique furniture is a huge passion of mine. The outcome of that was my antique furniture store in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. So now you know the blog’s name origin. The Facebook page I started out of a hobby and the number of followers grew quickly.

But it’s not always easy. I want to share with you a detail that thought me to never give up. Before this Chic & Antique Facebook page I had another one by the same name. Unfortunately when it gained 200K followers it was hacked. I was really sad and I though that I will never gain the same number of followers. I even wanted to give up, but something just couldn’t keep me still. It was my persistence and love towards my work. I started everything from the beginning and here I am again. The number of followers everyday is getting bigger and right now the page has around 300 k, even more than the first one.

I am a wife and a mother of three and I consider them my biggest success in life. My interior design work fulfills me and I also write a column in one of the leading Croatian newspaper Vecernji List. It’s a thrill to write tips on home decoration weekly and inspire my audience. One of the things that I also find very pleasing is working for magazine Living. I stylize four different scenes for their decor spread. That way I’m mastering my work, my creativity grows and I get to hang out with nice people. Human relationships are the most important thing to me. I love people and the whole world. Thank you all from the deepest of my heart for being here with me.

I love you all!


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